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Great picture from 1943 of the ANJ-3 jacket. The ANJ-3 combines the best elements of the A2 jacket and the M-422A jacket. Find our version of the ANJ-3 jacket on our website.
The B3 sheepskin flight jacket, which was the classic shearling jacket worn by USAAF high-altitude bomber crews during WWII, was designed specifically for aircraft bombers who flew at high altitudes. As such, it became known as the “bomber jacket”. #b3jacket #flightjaket
@michaelhsu95 made this great unboxing video of our ANJ-3 Flight Jacket. Watch the entire video on his YouTube channel. #flightjacket #leatherflightjacket
@jespersoendergaard from our hometown Aarhus looking awesome in our D-Pocket horsehide jacket ☀️🔥