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The ANJ-3 jacket is a very special leather jacket, combining the best elements of the Air Force’s A-2 and Navy’s M-422A flight jackets. Our version, like the original designation, is based off our original Gordon & Ferguson M-422A jacket in 100% goatskin. #flightjacket #mensleatherjacket
SEEK. Berlin 🇩🇪 #seektradeshow #leatherflightjacket #mensleatherjacket
@greggalemusic wearing our B3 jacket in thick sheepskin. Find more pictures and details of the jacket on our website. #b3jackets #flightjacket #mensleatherjacket
The B3 flight jacket was designed for aircraft bombers who needed to go up high altitudes. Great picture from WWII. #vintageleatherjacket #leatherjacket #flightjacket #b3jacket
“The jacket does not need to shy away from comparison with significantly more expensive models. Would I order from Avi Leather again? In any case!”