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Our customer @rocket19 wearing our Cossack Jacket in horsehide leather. #cossackjacket #horsehidejacket #leatherjacket
Our customer @pauliothreads wearing our D-1 Mechanics' Jacket. #leatherflightjacket #d1jacket #shearlingjacket
Photographer and influencer @alistairguy wearing our Bronco A-2 Jacket. #a2jacket #flightjacket #mensleatherjacket
@fjorde looking amazing in our horsehide D-Pocket Fur Collar Jacket.
“Absolutely love my G1 goatskin leather jacket. The fit is perfect and quality exceptional. I own several leather jackets this however is my first choice to wear on a regular basis.”
Another great look by @marcotaddeiofficial wearing our M-422A jacket. Available on our webshop.
The ANJ-3 jacket is a very special leather jacket, combining the best elements of the Air Force’s A-2 and Navy’s M-422A flight jackets. Our version, like the original designation, is based off our original Gordon & Ferguson M-422A jacket in 100% goatskin. #flightjacket #mensleatherjacket