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Michael Hsu


Wir freuen uns, Michael Hsu aus San Diego vorstellen zu können. Michael arbeitet als Fluglehrer und ist ein großer Liebhaber zeitloser Mode. Heute wird er uns mehr über sich und seine Leidenschaft erzählen.

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Können Sie uns mehr über sich selbst erzählen?

My name is Michael Hsu, and I live in San Diego, California. I am a flight instructor, and some of my favorite activities include chasing sunsets, flying, surfing, and photography.

Erzählen Sie uns von Ihrem Stil und woher Sie Ihre Inspiration nehmen?

Well, I would generally describe myself as someone who loves timeless clothing. That is a fashion that never really ages or goes out of style. Something evergreen yet simple and long-lasting.
I don’t currently have a standout character or inspiration. Still, I take pleasure and motivation in many good examples and people.
As a flight instructor and pilot, I particularly love wearing leather jackets that can keep me warm once I am airborne. My most preferred look is stylish and functional.
So, clothing that serves a fundamental purpose, but still makes me look outstanding. AVI LEATHER makes some of the best pilot leather jackets I have ever seen. The best part is that they never go out of style.

Wie nutzen Sie soziale Medien?

I really got into social media as a travel photographer. I document all my visits on Instagram as the avid traveler that I am. I decided to join Instagram when I began my training as a pilot. The idea was to capture great places that I visited and show people what it was like to become a pilot.
I generally use Instagram and YouTube. I post pictures of amazing landscapes and places I travel to on Instagram. I post more unboxing and review videos of leather jackets and significant updates in my aviation career on YouTube.
Regarding accounts to follow, I recommend that you check out Peter McKinnon. He posts excellent and educative content about becoming a brilliant videographer and photographer. 

What must you experience in the city where you live?

The sunset and beaches in San Diego are truly out of this world. I highly recommend seeing them. Every day, I would look for a new place to chase and watch the sunset.

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